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Alejandro has been for me the guide to heal my body and soul, to understand myself and to start living in a healthy and happy way.Thanks for everything and I hope you help many people like me.
Alejandro García Osteópata
My name is Alejandro García and I am a Facilitator in Craniosacral Therapy, an osteopath and a companion in bioneuroemoción.
I trained in Osteopathy in Barcelona, ​​in the ISMET Higher Institute of Traditional Education, and I completed my studies in the best Centers in Madrid, Granada and Malaga. And it was in this city where he had the opportunity to be part of the teaching team of the “Auxiliary of SPA and Manual Therapies for the Hospitality Industry” course taught by the Junta de Andalucía. Later he became part of the teaching team of Centro Nutrifisio, Andalusian headquarters of CIDO (Osteopathic Research and Development Center) directed by D.O Francisco Fajardo in San Sebastian. During that period, I also did all the Sacral Cranium Therapy courses taught by Upledger Spain Institute and directed by Dr. John Upledger. After the completion of these courses, I worked as an assistant teacher in several Cranial Sacral Therapy courses taught by the same Institute, thus having the opportunity to deepen my learning.

After some time working as a chiromassage, osteopath, foot reflexologist and specialist in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somatoemocional *, I got to know the BioNeuroEmotion created by the graduate in Psychology Enric Corbera. From the first moment I was fascinated by it and the effectiveness of its results and that is why he decided to take the courses that have been taught in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). For this reason, now I also work as a companion in BioNeuroEmoción.

The reason why I have studied different modalities of alternative therapies is to be able to offer the best to my clients on their way to a healthy lifer.

* Link to the database of professionals of Upledger Institute España recognicing Alejandro García as a national and international certified therapist of Institute Upledger.

Osteopathy y Craneo-Sacra therapyl



Minimum intervention, soft and effective


Goes to the original cause


Evelution study


Promotes the capacity of self healing


Reduces pain and muscle tension
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